Alderperson Survey

The St. Louis Urbanists have surveyed each of the candidates running in the upcoming St. Louis Board of Aldermen elections on April 4th, 2023. We asked candidates to rank their policy priorities on the issues of transportation, housing, and urban design. Open-ended questions were also included.

Of the 27 candidates, we have received responses from 10. Every attempt was made to contact each candidate and make them aware of the surveys. We will update this page if we receive any additional responses, and also post them to our Twitter.

We have presented all the answers which the candidates gave exactly, without any modification. However, we have hidden the candidate’s contacts at the top of the form, to avoid the release of any potentially private information. In addition, the St. Louis Urbanists will not be making any direct endorsements of candidates as a group, we aim to just inform the public on Aldermanic candidate priorities.

  • Ward 1
  • Anne Schweitzer: Did not respond
  • Tony Kirchner: Did not respond
  • Ward 2
  • Thomas Oldenburg: Did not respond
  • Phill Menendez: Did not respond

Ward 3

  • Shane Cohn: Did not respond

Ward 4

Ward 5

Ward 6

Ward 7

Ward 8

  • Cara Spencer: Did not respond
  • Kenneth Ortmann: Did not respond

Ward 9

Ward 10

Ward 11

  • Laura Keys: Did not respond
  • Carla Wright: Did not respond

Ward 12

  • Sharon Tyus: Did not respond
  • Tashara Earl: Did not respond

Ward 13

Ward 14

  • Rasheen Aldridge: Did not respond
  • Ebony Washington: Did not respond